Jul 27, 2020

WATCH: ‘The True Story Behind the Abortion Pill’ details dangers and major players behind the deadly drug

Today, Live Action premiered its bombshell exposé of the abortion pill and the abortion industry, “Abortion Pill Kills.” Part of this exposé is a powerful video on “The True Story Behind the Abortion Pill,” which reveals the largely unknown details surrounding a dangerous drug that has killed millions of preborn children and which has also injured and even killed women. Between 2000 and 2018, approximately four million children were killed by the deadly drug in America alone.

As the video notes, “The abortion industry is pushing for one of the largest expansions of abortion that America has ever seen since Roe v. Wade through the abortion pill.” As of 2017, 40% of children aborted in America were aborted using the abortion pill, according to the Guttmacher Institute. If the abortion industry has its way, this number will likely continue to rise in the coming years.

This video examines the abortion pill and its dangers, the major players behind it, and what pro-lifers can do to help to save women and children.

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