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Vice article offers readers instructions on how to conduct a DIY chemical abortion - Abortion Drug Facts – Abortion Drug Facts

Feb 18, 2020

Vice article offers readers instructions on how to conduct a DIY chemical abortion


case anyone needed a basic walk-through on how to end the life of their

unborn child without having to seek out medical oversight in the

process, a post published at Vice on Monday offers readers guidance on how to do just that with abortion pills obtained over the internet.

"[D]oing your own abortion in 2020 looks a lot different than it did pre- Roe v. Wade," the post begins:

People who self-induced abortions in the decades before the landmark Supreme Court ruling sometimes resorted to drinking toxic chemicals, throwing themselves down the stairs, or using crude instruments like knitting needles or a coat hanger, the latter of which has become a universal symbol of the life-threatening consequences of restricting people's access to abortion care. The hanger may still function as a powerful image, but it's no longer accurate when it comes to representing what it means to self-induce an abortion: Self-inducing or self-managing an abortion is now synonymous with taking pills, a safe and effective method of ending a pregnancy.

While the piece admits that buying abortion drugs online is a violation of federal Food and Drug Administration rules, it also points out that "there are several websites where people can buy the drugs online." The piece also instructs patients on where they can go online to get the pills, and points them to a report card website run by a pro-abortion nonprofit, which ranks the services on things like shipping time and quality of the product.

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