Jul 22, 2020

UK woman aborts baby at 28 weeks after getting abortion pills by mail

As the abortion industry continues to insist on making the abortion pill as available as possible, warning signs continue to mount. Two such examples come from the United Kingdom, as politicians continue to push amendments that would further radicalize abortion laws in the country.

A series of problems with sending abortion pills by mail was recently highlighted by The Sun. Nine women received abortion pills through the mail, all past the 10-week limit. One of the women was actually 28 weeks pregnant—a month past the United Kingdom’s abortion limit—and gave birth to a stillborn baby. While the details of this particular case are not known—including whether the woman lied about her baby’s gestational age, or if the facility knew she was past the 24-week abortion limit—this was an illegal abortion.

Babies born at 28 weeks have an estimated 80 to 90% survival rate, if not higher.

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