Jul 24, 2020

Study: Abortion pill is four times more dangerous than surgical abortion

In recent years, the number of chemical abortions (the abortion pill) have increased significantly in the United States, as the abortion pill is being pushed by the abortion industry as an easy, private, do-it-yourself method of abortion. But the abortion pill, though marketed as safe and effective, is actually quite dangerous — four times more dangerous for women than surgical abortions.

“[W]e do know from good research that chemical abortions tend to be a lot less safe than surgical abortions,” Dr. Michael New told Students for Life of America president Kristan Hawkins during her Explicitly Pro-Life podcast. “There was a very good study that came out that looked at women on Medicaid in California. And they have comprehensive data on these women who have abortions and what kind of complications they have. And the complication rate for chemical abortions was, I think, four times greater than the complication rate for surgical abortions.”

The 2015 study Dr. New referenced is titled, “Incidence of Emergency Room Department Visits and Complications After Abortion.” It examined the abortion complication rate of women in California who underwent abortions from 2009-2010 which were paid for through Medicaid, including the women who were diagnosed or treated at emergency rooms rather than the abortion facilities.

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