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Second trimester abortion pill experiment to target women in Colombia - Abortion Drug Facts – Abortion Drug Facts

Mar 9, 2020

Second trimester abortion pill experiment to target women in Colombia

In a previous report, Live Action News documented a clinical trial which is recruiting children and adult women for late-term abortions from 13-22 weeks in the West African nation of Burkina Faso.

Now, the abortion industry is targeting Latin American women in Colombia for a clinical trial dispensing the abortion pill from 13 to 18 weeks gestation. Both trials are sponsored by Gynuity Health Projects, which has been working to expand abortion. Currently, the abortion pill is only approved for abortion up to 10 weeks of pregnancy.

The Colombia study, which has not yet begun to recruit, seeks to “evaluate the safety, acceptability and feasibility of a shortened outpatient procedure for medical abortion at 13-18 weeks gestation. It also seeks to document the roles of health workers in providing services related to later abortion care.”

Gynuity is funded (see here) by abortion pill manufacturer DANCO’s original business investors, the Packard Foundation and Buffett Foundation, as well as the Population Council. Packard’s money trail to Gynuity appears to have been scrubbed from Gynuity’s site, but remains online in a cached version. Gynuity is also funded by Ibis Reproductive Health (see 2017 990 report), an organization that is directly funded by DANCO Laboratories. The circular money trail is extremely concerning and has yet to be investigated by any mainstream media outlets.

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