Jun 5, 2020

Pregnancy center sees success in saving multiple lives, born and unborn

The Resource Center in Greeley, Colorado, continues to experience many decisions for life, despite the many worldly challenges today, including pro-abortion activism.

Recently targeted through a misinformation campaign and other pro-abortion attempts to derail client traffic, the pregnancy center did not convince a legal arbiter earlier this year that abortion activists’ creation of a look-alike website mirroring its branding and URL and directing visitors to Planned Parenthood constituted domain infringement. The copy-cat site was accompanied by the common “fake clinic” abortion smear tactic through leaflets and social media.

Despite this, the Resource Center has not only maintained its client service numbers and prevailed through increased support in the community – the center has also seen twins saved through abortion pill reversal and the mother of another set of twins make a decision for her eternal life.

“Shay,” a 21-year-old mother of four, came to the Resource Center in April amid the COVID-19 crisis.

She believed stress had caused her period delay – she learned her husband was dealing drugs and they were divorcing. When Shay received the news of a positive pregnancy test result, her advocate described the woman’s reaction as “shock.”

A past client, Shay was vulnerable to abortion at this time because of her circumstances, said Terri Robinson, director of client services.

“She had a lot of difficulties,” Robinson said. “She came in not knowing she was pregnant; she just thought she was late because of all the stress. So that positive test was quite a surprise.”

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