Jan 1, 2020

“He’s very healthy, very cute.” Pro-life doc rescues baby with Abortion Pill Reversal

Dr. Poppy Daniels was at her son’s football game one Saturday morning when she got the call.

“Mariah” had taken the first drug in the chemical abortion pill regimen and was hoping to save her unborn child by stopping the in-progress abortion in its tracks.

Over the past five years, Daniels had received similar calls from about 10 other women. Some were too far along in the abortion to be helped. Others never called back. One decided to proceed with the abortion anyway.

But Mariah’s story ended differently, thanks to the Abortion Pill Reversal protocol, a treatment which uses the natural hormone progesterone to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Because of Mariah’s quick call to the Abortion Pill Rescue helpline (877-558-0333), Daniels was able to get her started on the treatment immediately.

Over the course of the next several weeks, Daniels would monitor Mariah’s blood levels and check in on her baby via obstetrical ultrasound scans, ensuring that both mom and baby were healthy and thriving. Once Mariah reached the second trimester, she transferred to another doctor for regular prenatal care, keeping in contact with Daniels throughout her pregnancy.

Then, a few months ago, Mariah gave birth to her baby boy, making him one of more than 900 children rescued by Abortion Pill Reversal.

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