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Egregious safety violations uncovered at Philadelphia abortion business - Abortion Drug Facts – Abortion Drug Facts

Apr 21, 2020

Egregious safety violations uncovered at Philadelphia abortion business

The Pennsylvania Department of Health recently uncovered a list of health violations at the Philadelphia Women’s Center, an abortion business which employs abortionist Lisa Perriera, who in 2014 committed a 23-week abortion on Lakisha Wilson in Cleveland, Ohio, from which Wilson died.

Detailed within the report, the inspectors discovered the abortion business was acting in defiance of the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act by committing abortions on minor girls without their parents’ knowledge or consent. Sadly, this was not the only way the facility failed to prioritize patient safety, as other negligent acts were discovered as well.

In five of the ten medical records reviewed by the Health Department, it was found that the Philadelphia Women’s Center administered the abortion pill (RU-486) to teenage girls without parental oversight. These unlawful chemical abortions were found to have taken place in February, May, June, July, and November of 2019. National Right to Life noted:

The health inspection report states that a “request was made… on February 12, 2020, for a policy that addressed parental consent for medications that are included in the termination of a pregnancy for pediatric patients. None was provided.”

In case after case, the health department documents that “there was no parental or legal guardian consent” for the use of Mifepristone and Misoprostol, the drugs used in RU-486 abortions.

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