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Abortion Pill Reversal praised on Capitol Hill - Abortion Drug Facts – Abortion Drug Facts

Jan 24, 2020

Abortion Pill Reversal praised on Capitol Hill

Congressional staffers representing a dozen-plus federal lawmakers received an education on Capitol Hill this week on a medical protocol that has helped save the lives of at least 1,000 unborn children after the babies’ moms changed their mind following the start of the chemical abortion process.

Heartbeat International conducted a briefing on the Hill concerning Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) Thursday in conjunction with its annual Babies Go to Congress campaign.

With Heartbeat’s Babies Go to Congress initiative, mothers who have been served by pregnancy help organizations, along with their children, visit with lawmakers on Capitol Hill to tell their stories and illustrate through personal experience that pregnancy centers are good for the country.

Heartbeat had invited members of Congress with an interest in women's health and strong families to the APR briefing, which featured an overview of the Abortion Pill Reversal process, an update on the growth of Heartbeat’s Abortion Pill Rescue Network (APRN), and a mother's testimony of how Abortion Pill Reversal gave her another chance to choose life and saved her son's life.

Christa Brown, Heartbeat’s Director of Medical Impact, told those attending the briefing that, “To date, nearly 1000 women have successfully stopped their abortions and saved their children through APRN—a hotline and network of physicians, operated by Heartbeat International, which is the world’s largest affiliation of pregnancy help organizations.”

Staffers for 13 members of Congress were on hand to learn specifics about chemical abortion and Abortion Pill Reversal. The abortion industry and its supporters have denigrated APR continually in the media, fought legislation that would ensure women seeking abortion are fully informed about the possibility of abortion pill reversal should they change their mind, and pro-abortion researchers have attempted to debunk the protocol via incomplete and inconclusive study results.

At the congressional briefing Brown reviewed specifics of the abortion pill and abortion pill reversal.

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