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Abortion pill reversal bill introduced in Michigan - Abortion Drug Facts – Abortion Drug Facts

Feb 7, 2020

Abortion pill reversal bill introduced in Michigan

New legislation has been introduced in Michigan to require that women seeking chemical abortions be informed of their options for reversing the decision should they have second thoughts.

House Bill 5374 requires women seeking a chemical to be given information on the Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) technique. The abortion pill mifepristone (better known as RU-486) works by blocking the natural hormone progesterone that developing babies require to survive. APR consists of administering extra progesterone to counteract mifepristone’s effects, ideally within 24 hours of taking the abortion pill.

“It’s called the Abortion Pill Reversal bill, and it basically allows a woman to be informed that if she should change her mind during a chemical abortion, that she be provided information that a treatment is available,” Republican state Rep. Beth Griffin, who introduced the bill, told WSJM. “It doesn’t interfere with a woman’s right to choose an abortion. It does respect a woman’s right to change her mind and save her baby.”

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